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Sadly the windmills on top of the modern structure are spinning so fast in the winds of the approaching storm that the blades are blurred in this shot. The future bearing down on the past – the kind of thing old guys like me think about :-)


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This verion is “out of camera” plus one click in the Photoshop Topaz Adjust plugin, then Imagenomic’s Noiseware. Ironically, this looks more "real" than straight out of camera… Maybe one could load the out of camera shot with this one as a layer and blend the two, making this look more like out of camera and less real with more manipulation…. nah.

Making the Shot

This was not planned at all. I spent all day
Saturday working in a server room in downtown Portland rebuilding power equipment that failed on Friday – but on toward the end of a 10 hour day I glanced out my office window and noticed that the sky was reflecting a wild rose-colored hue – sensing a photo op I grabbed my camera (I just about never leave home without it) and walked down to the conference room which featured picture windows showing a bit of skyline. The sky and light were everything I could have hoped for – the clouds were moving low and fast, and the lighting patterns were moving fast too. I took a few shots trying to get a feel for the scene, and over the course of a few shots I moved lower and lower and further to the right until I ended up kneeling on the floor with the camera pointing up at a dramatic angle, pressed against the window in the far right hand corner. That gave the shot the film-noir kind of angular disorientation I wanted – the scene outside looked like a sci-fi movie set… While I’m a rectilinear lines kind of guy (still miss swinging and tilting controls on my old view camera) this was one shot where I wanted the angles and distortion to work as part of the composition.

Although the shot was handheld (1/10 or so at f8) propping it against the glass window (and bear in mind it was shot through two layers of glass) gave great support in spite of the crazy angle I was viewing at, so it is very sharp – this will print nicely up to poster-size… 

Because the clouds were moving fast the light was changing rapidly. At one moment the reflections of the modern structure were dramatic, a few seconds later, flat. Ditto the sky glow; this exposure is out of a series of 10 or so shots made while waiting for the clouds to get into exactly the right position – backlighting the building in a halo of fiery glow.

As I mentioned in my Flickr posts, this is quite visually accurate – this is pretty much what it looked like – if anything the rosy glow in sky and on building is played down in this shot. Maybe this is what Portland is called the “Rose city” (no, but I felt like saying that)! The “out of camera” un-processed version of the shot in the preceding post is, if anything, slightly more surreal in appearance!

Glad I had the camera, and glad I took a breath and looked out the window at the right moment.

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